A Blink of an Eye

Life is only a moment
In the span of eternity
A blink of an eye
So short a time to live
To enjoy our planet earth
To find the right person
With whom to share it
To be one with them
To watch the sun set
To have children
And each day
Live the life to its fullest
For in a blink of an eye
It will be gone, forever

—Kelsie Gates

Kelsie Gates

Kelsie Gates

2 thoughts on “A Blink of an Eye

  1. Kenneth Gates

    Hi Brother,

    Now you are a poet. I love your poem. Maria Elena and I pray for you and others at least three times daily at our mealtimes. We would love to have some pictures of you. Kelsie, you are the writer in the family, I don’t have a lot to say. I’m not much to write. Poor English and spelling. Never graduated high school, like you.

    My wife’s closest brother, died this morning. His name was Hernandez. We called him, “Nando.” He was the closet to Maria Elena in age and therefore they both spent a lot of their time together. Of course, she is super upset and sad this day. He had diabetes real bad. Doctors had already amputated one leg and then they were about cut the other leg because gangrene. So he was suffering a lot. Now he is out of pain and gone to heaven.

    Love you, your only brother,

    P.S. We hope you are doing okay.


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