Critique Groups

Every writer needs feedback. The purpose of Writers of Kern (WOK) critique groups is to provide first level review by offering feedback on what may or may not work in the piece submitted for critique. The best critique group outcomes surface when members feel free to offer honest reactions and writers feel free to ignore suggestions that do not work for them.

WOK’s experience demonstrates that critique group members come to depend on and to trust their groups, often wondering how they could ever survive their writing journeys without them.

To learn more about the critique process and about WOK’s critique groups, please read the following documents.

Critique Group Organization & Management
Critique Group Guidelines
What Makes a Helpful Critique?
Giving & Receiving Criticism
Critique Group Genres & Schedules
Critique Template (Poetry)
Critique Template (Prose)

If you are interested in joining a critique group, please take a moment to respond to our Critique Group Questionnaire. Your answers help us to place you in a compatible group.