Thank You, God, for painting the sky tonight.
I needed to see that wondrous sight.
With the hues of the sunset, You gave me such delight;
You made me feel certain that everything’s alright.

Thanks also, God, for satisfying my need
For a glimmer of the afterglow ~ beautiful indeed!
I was glad to have taken the dogs out on their lead
Because, looking upward, pure joy was guaranteed.

Had I stayed inside, I surely would have missed
That picture-perfect moment, vividly sun-kissed,
When the horizon was captured in celestial mist.
It’s for special times like these that I exist.

I took several pictures with my iPhone at twilight
To share with friends and family, with whoever might
Wish to have a glimpse of this wondrous sight.
So thank You, God, for painting the sky tonight.

—Shelley Evans

Shelley Evans

Shelley Evans has been writing poetry most of her life. It was destiny, as she was named after the poet, Percy Bysshe Shelley. Many of her poems are inspired by the beach and are often written with her feet in the sand at Pismo. One of Shelley’s favorite activities is rhyming her way through life. Shelley has two poems published in the 2018 anthology, Writing Flora, Writing Fauna, A Collection of Poems from the Southern San Joaquin Valley.

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