The Fragility of the Poet

Cracked Chipped Dented & Scraped is Poet
Nursing old wounds
Caring for them daily, gently is Poet
Poet sees what others do not
Eyesight is really heart-sight
There is silent weeping
The paper absorbs what pen pours out
Sensitive is Poet
Fragile is Poet
Ever transforming pain into meaning,
Mundane into significant,
Beauty into wonder
Already cracked chipped dented & scraped is Poet
So new injury is substance
To be consumed, digested, and re-created
As an offering of grace
Ever listening
Ever sensing
Fragile is Poet
Delicate and beautiful is she
Cracked. Chipped. Dented. & Scraped.

Stephanie Gibson

Stephanie Gibson

Part philosopher, part pragmatist, and part mystic, Stephanie’s writing most often makes observations about life’s contradictions and wonder, its pain and joy. Usually these take the form of narrative non-fiction and poetry. Her career path includes public and private sectors, group facilitating, journalism, and work with teens and young adults. Stephanie is a member of Writers of Kern.

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