No One to See

There was only darkness, a quiet darkness
And in the quiet there was a spark
That ignited the quiet
Which grew into a vast expanding explosion
And the universe was born

And there was no one to see

And time went by for eons and eons
And a planet was formed
A barren earth of mountains and valleys

And there was no one to see

And all was dark
Until a bright and blinding light lit the sky
Creating heat and cold
And the winds came with great force
And clouds formed covering its surface
For days and days it rained
When the rain stopped
There were lakes and rivers and oceans

And there was no one to see

One day after much time
The oceans gave birth to life
Which filled it from shore to shore

And there was no one to see

One day the oceans could hold no more
And it cast upon the shore
With waves breaking mightily
Some of the life it had borne
And the life grew and adapted to the land
And propagated itself over centuries
Into a thinking animal

And there was no one to see

Then came man, men of many colors
They all looked different, but all were the same
Some got along and some didn’t
And they multiplied by the millions

A WOK member

And there were many to see

The earth was teeming with life
But no one was happy
Everyone hated their neighbors
There were murders, robberies and rapes
The guilty went free
And the innocent were condemned

And everyone saw

And then the wars came
Some were quick
And some took years
And there were no winners
And then the Great War came, Armageddon

And some saw, and some did not

It was hot, without a breath of air
And the cities lay dead and burning
Nothing stirred or moved
Not a soul to be found

And there was no one to see

For months and months and months
Smoke and ash covered the land
The cities were melted
And where sound had once prevailed
Only silence remained

And there was no one to see

And then it came without warning
Softly at first and then more swiftly
It fell to the earth
The rains had come
And it did rain for days and days
It cleansed the air
It washed the cities and the earth
And everything was washed back into the sea
From whence it had come

And there was no one to see

—Kelsie Gates

Kelsie Gates

Kelsie Gates222

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