Just for Today

What if…if just for today
I thought I was pretty?
It almost makes me giddy!
But what if?
Would I stand a little taller?
Walk a little prouder?
Smile at the reflection in the mirror?

What if…just for today,
I thought I was strong!
Capable to handle whatever comes along?
What if?
Would I speak my mind?
To the weak be kind?
Make solid decisions, my mind clearer?
And what if… for today only,
I believed I was worthy?
Would it make me happy?
I thought of myself as God does,
Lived life as his princess cause,
That’s who I am to my creator.
If, for today,
I say,
I am pretty,
I am strong,
I am worthy,
I’m capable,
I’m kind,
I am my beloved’s,
And he is mine.
–Lee Stewart

Lee Stewart

I have lived in Bakersfield for five years. I am currently working on a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and have applied for the Masters Degree program at CSUB. I self-published a book of poems called InkSpots and wrote a screenplay. Lately, however, most of my writing has been academic in nature.

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