4 Can’t-Miss Reasons to join the WOK Blog Challenge


Where do you get your ideas?

Writers hear this too often. Yet faced with blog challenges, ideas dry up faster than Justin Bieber’s fan base.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

First, here are a few reasons to join the Writers of Kern “A to Z” Blog Challenge.


Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to read your challengers’ blogs. This isn’t competition. It’s inspiration. What your fellow WOKians write will inspire your posts.

So when Dan McGuire reminds you that 1950s America was no place for women, you can blog about that time you rigged your husband’s computer to autocorrect all instances of “feminism” to “men are superior” so that he cried when he printed his essay for feminism class because it looked like a misogynistic hate crime. (Sorry, honey. I’m not sorry.)

Or you can write about that time you were excited to make Jasmine Lowe’s kiwi avocado smoothie, and it exploded over the ceiling like a green frost firebomb because you forgot to secure the blender. (The smoothie turned out awesome, if she asks.)


Once upon a time, publishers were the gate keepers. They had the printers, the distributors, and the marketing connections. But that was when writing had to be on paper. And that era is dead.

Now, the only barrier between you and readers is a mouse click. On sites like WordPress, it’s even free.

This is the age of not needing permission, writer. No longer can gate keepers imprison your prose. Authority is yours.


Writers write, right?

Your blog is your platform. It builds your credibility as a writer who writes. It’s a sneak peek into your perspective, your style, your skilled turn of phrase.

But most of all, it proves you’re a writer.


Get to know your fellow WOKians.

Who can help you improve characterization? You’ll know after the challenge. Who can edit grammar? You’ll know after the challenge. You’ll know each WOKian’s talents better because you joined the challenge.

Sign up for the challenge!

Now, a Hundred Things to Write About

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Are you part of the WOK Blog Challenge?

Mandy WallaceMandy Wallace is a writing coach by day and blogger by night. See what she’s made of during the WOK Blog Challenge, where she’ll blog through literary terms. It’ll be cooler than it sounds. Probably.

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