Current Groups & Schedules

Current critique groups are all multi-genre. New genre-specific groups are formed as the need arises.

GenreGroup LeaderDayTimeOpenings
Children's WritingRachel AndrewsMonday6:00 p.m.
Dan McGuire1st & 3rd Mondays6:00 p.m.No
"Writing Wizards"
Jenny Estes1st & 3rd Mondays6:00 p.m.Yes
Multi-GenreJeff Hill2nd & 4th Mondays7:00 p.m.No
Multi-GenreJoan Raymond2nd/4th Mondays6:00 p.m.No
"Classic Critiques"
Terry Redman2nd & 4th Wednesdays
1:00 p.m.No
Clarissa KaeAlternating Thursdays10:00 a.m.Limited/Must apply
Multi-GenreJoan Raymond2nd & 4th Wednesday
6:00 p.m.No
Multi-GenreAnke Hodenpijl2nd & 4th Thursdays2:00 p.m.No
"Clarion Group"
1st & 3rd Saturdays12:30 p.m.Yes
Multi-GenreSusie RainboltTuesday/Thursday6:00 p.m.No.
New Groups Forming Now! Contact for more information.


Accelerated Critique Group isn’t an “advanced” critique group. It’s a faster pace and deeper critique. If you’ve never edited or critiqued before, you’ll do just fine. This group submits up to 50 pages per session and receives a critique not only on the basic levels of editing (grammar, characterization, storyline, etc) but also technical suggestions and submission help to agents/editors/magazines.

Children’s Lit: Fiction and non-fiction books for readers and listeners ages 0-12 (Primary, Middle Grade and Upper Grade – 5th-8th).

Multi-Genre: All types of writing including fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, and any of the genres listed here.

Young Adult (YA): Books written for ages 12-18 and include problems faced by tweens and teens, but not limited to tween/teen protagonists.

For more information, to suggest a new critique group not listed, or to join a group email