I See You

My voice shakes, my hand reaches out.
I grip your extended hand firmly, feeling your vibes.
We smile at each other and mumble our names.
Hands drop, as do your eyes—awkward moments.

I watch your face, glance at your hands.
“First time here?”
Never looking up, you nod.
“You’ll like it, I think,” I smile.

You look up, smiling with hope.
I see your eyes searching mine,
They ask if I’m being sincere.
You see me, I see you.

You see honest interest and caring,
I see your worry, fear of rejection.
You see I understand,
I see you begin to open the door to your soul.

You see, then feel no threat, no harm,
I see a warm and beautiful heart,
And we have connected.
I am so glad I see you.

—Judy Kukuruza

Judy Kukuruza

Judy Kukuruza is a retired college instructor, continual student of others and bleeding heart peace lover. She has written since she learned to write. Her memoir, One Body, Many Souls, was published in 2018.

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