When food doesn’t have a taste.
My existence is a waste.
My face a fake smile I paste.
The pain won’t erase.

When shame has a face.
Contentment has no place.
My sanity I chase.
I’m losing this race.

How do I stop falling?

When my mind is reeling .
This world is not appealing.
The clock keeps ticking.
The tears are dripping.

When I’m not at my best.
Dark shadows cause unrest.
My soul I detest.
They say this is a test.

Breathe again.
How do I go on?

When my existence is frail.
My mind is a jail.
Misery is a special hell.
Will I live to tell a tale.

When I feel I’ll fade.
The devil is paid.
My bleak bed is made.
The cards are all played.

Take a minute to breathe.
Where do I go from here?

When my failings become an obsession.
My pain leads to aggression.
Life feels like oppression.
I sink deeper into my depression.

—Donnée Harris

Donnée Harris is a former reporter, novelist, blogger and a poet. She writes erotic romance novels and has published three novels including Prohibited: an erotic novel. She has a BA in Journalism from Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana and is a member of Delta Delta Delta Sorority.

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