It seemed the drops would never stop falling
Clouding my vision through an already fogged window

The focus of my view had always seemed relatively clear
Except for an occasional errant thought which like a hailstorm
Would blur my vision with disturbing frequency

Perhaps when this current downpour clears,
My clarity will once again return,
Cleansed by the shower of reality

—Nelson Varon

Nelson Varon

In addition to being a musician and a writer of song lyrics & poems, Nelson Varon was a NYC school teacher, the founder of Nelson Varon Organ Studios in NYC, a published songwriter & author of PlayNow Method For All Organs, feature articles for The Music Trades  magazine, and How to Open a Piano & Organ Store (a chapter in the industry publication, How To Open A Music Store) and the short story, Fixing Things.  He was also the founder, publisher & editor of The Music & Computer Educator magazine, and the founder of Kern Piano Mall, in Bakersfield.

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