Crime Writers Guide to REAL Crime

What Ever Happened to Nancy Drew?

A Crime Writers Guide to REAL Crime in Kern County

David E. Wolf, Deputy District Attorney

Crime WritersIt seems like most crime writers focus on PC 187 (that’s murder) and yet one of our most famous and long lasting mystery series, Nancy Drew, dealt almost entirely with fraud, scams, and theft crimes.

This presentation will be an overview of fraud in Kern County and discuss predictions for crime in 2016. You may be surprised to learn about some of the many different types of fraud (ID Theft, Workers’ Compensation Fraud, Contractor Fraud, etc.)

Crime writers will learn about other types of crime beside murder. These crimes could be the main plot of a story or the motive for a homicide. Crime writers will also learn some “nuts & bolts” about crimes that will be helpful in any story (mystery, romance, etc.) that involves law enforcement. For example, is that really the language a cop or DA would use?

Finally, everyone will learn some tips on how not to be a victim of crime and what to do if they are a victim.

David Wolf has been prosecuting criminals for over two decades. He is an award-winning prosecutor and has prosecuted crimes ranging from misdemeanors to murders. Mr. Wolf volunteers with the Young Writers’ of Kern writing competition. He also volunteers with Kern County Academic Decathlon, High School Mock Trial and We the People programs. He is also a volunteer member of the Kern County Search and Rescue, Frazier Park Mountain and Snow Rescue Team.

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