Benefits of Blogging

What are the benefits I reap from blogging? I get to try out and solidify ideas for myself. I learn and practice the craft of writing. My work is read, and I believe I’m contributing in some small way to others’ well-being.

The purpose of my blog, The DayMaker, is to inspire, uplift, enlighten, and encourage. I want to share ideas that I’ve found useful along my path. I attempt to report on my life events with a transparency that provokes thought and discussion. I am certain that people’s stories can help others.

In a gift shop on Maui several years ago, David Wagner’s book, Life as a Daymaker: How to Change the World by Making Someone’s Day, called to me. I felt his energy as I turned to the title page and read his autograph, “My best, David Wagner.”

Leafing through the first few pages, I could see that Wagner and I were on the same wavelength. We agreed on how we should treat the people who enter our lives, whether for the long haul—like family, friends, students, and co-workers—or for the short term—like cashiers, wait-staff, and fellow travelers. And, we agreed that fulfilling our quests to make our own day is what allows us to be available and able to help make other people’s days.

When I began The DayMaker in 2010, I did not think about all the benefits to me. I didn’t consider old and new friends contacting me, sharing memories and experiences. But, the comments on the blog site, on Facebook, and in email responses, connect me with friends. I am grateful to have the chance to tighten the threads and pull the time-and-distance-worn fabric of our lives around us. This is one extraordinary gift of my blog.

Annis Cassells

Annis Cassells

Annis Cassells is a life coach, speaker, writer. and poet who blogs at The DayMaker.

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