California Writers Club Literary Review Submissions, Issue 2013-14

cwclr-winter-2012-13-150CWC members are invited to submit their published or unpublished work. Submissions are blind-read and work meeting a threshold of quality and interest will be published. Minor editing, enhancing/correcting presentation, may be performed. While satire and parody are welcome, proselytizing or potentially libelous material as well as pornographic forays, and/or gratuitous vulgarity and obscenity will not be considered. Rejections will be accompanied with editors’ suggested improvements. Please see the California Writers Club Web site for Submission Guidelines.

In the latest issue, “Shirts,” an essay by Writers of Kern member Dennis VanderWerff, was featured.

2 thoughts on “California Writers Club Literary Review Submissions, Issue 2013-14

    1. Dennis VanderWerff

      I’m sure there are several people who have the same question. It’s probably best to direct it to the editor of the CWC Literary Review.


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